First Lutheran School Visitor Policy

Parents are welcome to visit their child's classroom anytime.

To avoid interrupting classes and to establish a policy which protects your child's educational process, please note the following rules:

1.   Parents or others desiring to visit with a student during school hours should:

  • Avoid visiting students during class hours except for emergencies.
  • Not remove students from class for a long period of time.
  • Attempt to visit with students only at recesses or at lunch time.
  • Contact the school secretary to arrange for the student to come to the office to meet with the parent.

2.   Parents or others desiring to visit in a classroom to observe the class in action should:

  • Make prior arrangements with the teacher of the class.
  • Report to the school office at the time of the visit and state your intentions.
  • Not interrupt the normal process of the class by conversing with the teacher or students unless such conversation is a part of the teacher's plan.
  • Follow general rules of courtesy while visiting.

3.   Parents or others taking a child from the school premises must:

  • Provide a written request for the teacher or office noting when a student is to leave the school premises during school hours (this includes lunch hour).
  • Pick up students at the school office or their classroom (Grades 6-8) during school hours, except before 8:20 a.m., after 3:20 p.m., or at lunch time, if a note has been received by the teacher.
  • Not take students to lunch outside their regular lunch time.

NOTE:  We do encourage parental visits and volunteer work, but student safety, their rights to education, and the need for an orderly day take precedence in the establishment of the above policies.

We ask that you do not interrupt the classroom schedule by going directly to the classroom. All contacts with students should be made through the school office.

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